Green by Emma offers fun and creative plant based cookery workshops for children aged 8+ in Surrey and London. Workshops take place during school holidays. Children’s parties and pop up events are available upon request year round. 

What we offer

~ Nourishing plant-based workshops for children (age 8+) to get creative and explore healthy plant based food in Surrey & London
~ Fun plant-based birthday parties for all ages
~ Recipes that use natural sources of sweetness, such as dates and maple syrup
~ Encouraging happier healthier relationships between families & food

Why Plant-based?

LET FOOD BE OUR MEDICINE! Emma is a big believer in we are what we eat, encouraging children to eat well early in life has positive effects for the later years. What we eat is key to health and happiness, refined sugars and processed foods, slow us down, unbalance our moods and can lead to poor health and behaviour problems.

Our goal is simply to inspire healthy & mindful eating, whilst having lots of fun creating food that the children love. Consciously listening to the needs of our bodies whilst caring about animals and our planet.

“Emma’s food is so delicious we could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner & its so healthy. Our favourites are her chocolate smoothie bowls and green smoothie’s! She is so fun to cook with as she always has a smile on her face.”

Izzy & Daniel Johnson Age 10 & 8

Help us grow

Emma has spent most of her adult life cooking and working with children in the UK and Cambodia. She love’s helping children eat nutritious dishes that they’ve created themselves in the kitchen. Fun colourful food that’s good for their well-being and opens up their minds. This is a core part of her business and really drives her to promote plant-based recipes with such passion. Part of the proceeds from Green by Emma therefore goes towards supporting children in Cambodia. 

Emma with happy children


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